Higher Diploma in Paralegal Studies

Admission & Registration Announcement 2024

1. Important Dates:

  • Application and Registration: 1 January 2024 to 24 January 2024.
  • Commencement of the first Semester: 11 February 2024.

2. Admission Requirements:

Acceptance of candidates is competitive and conditional on the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation, and those of the Program being met, as well as the availability of seats. Meeting the minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee automatic entry into the Program. The candidate must also:

  • Be healthy and capable of working as a Paralegal.
  • Have a General Education Diploma or any equivalent qualification approved by the Omani Ministry of Education with a grade of at least 65%.
  • Candidates may be required to attend a personal interview with the Admissions Committee of the Institute.

3. How to apply:

The candidate can submit a ” Registration Form”  https://sltc-edu.net/placementform/ online  or apply  to the Registration and Admission Department at the Institute.

Each candidate must fill out the “Registration Form”  carefully and completely and attach the following documents:

  1. A copy of the General Education Diploma or its equivalent, certified by the Omani Ministry of Education.
  2. A copy of the transcript of the General Education Diploma or its equivalent, certified by the Omani Ministry of Education.
  3. A recent personal photo (photograph specification for a passport).
  4. A copy of the civil identity card from both sides (personal card / resident card) and a copy of the passport (the first page and the visa page, if any).
  5. A two-sided copy of the guardian’s civil identity card (if applicable).
  6. A copy of the sponsor’s approval letter (if applicable).

4. Registration:

The admission and registration processes are fair, transparent, and impartial.   The Institute maintains the confidentiality of all personal information submitted to it.Only accepted candidates will be notified by email of their acceptance.

Candidates who have been accepted must appear in person to complete the registration process at the Admission and Registration Office of the Institute.

Address: SASLO Building, Building No. 1/597, Street No. 262, behind (OLNG) Oman Liquefied Natural Gas Company, Ghala Heights, Postal Code 112, Sultanate of Oman. PO Box 1288.

A registered candidate who does not attend and of the Program in the first two weeks without a legitimate reasons will lose his/her seat on the Program.

5. Tuition Fees

Candidates must settle the tuition fees with the Accounting Department of the Institute. This department will issue candidates with an official receipt recording the method of payment as approved by the Institute (For further inquiries, call mobile number: (+968 90968577).

After fulfilling the administrative and financial requirements for registration, candidates will be given an academic number and a student card which can be used for multiple purposes (including identifying the student, entering exams, and student activities).

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