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Paralegal Studies Program
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Paralegal Studies Program
Paralegal Studies Program
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Paralegal Studies Program
Paralegal Studies Program
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SLTC & Our New ParaLegal Courses

SASLO Legal Training Center (SLTC) has been offering legal training and other courses since 2008. We are the leading provider of such courses in Oman. You can review our other courses at

You can study with us in our:

  • One Year Certificate of ParaLegal Studies.
  • Two Year Diploma of ParaLegal Studies.
  • Three Year Higher Diploma of ParaLegal Studies.
    You can enroll for the Higher Diploma in ParaLegal Studies and can decide later to complete your studies successfully at the end of the first year and obtain a Certificate in ParaLegal Studies or at the end of the second year to obtain a Diploma of ParaLegal Studies. Of course, the more highly qualified you become, the more opportunities you will have to apply for a better job.
  • Your future career as a ParaLegal

    ParaLegals assist lawyers in their work. In a number of countries, they are an important part of those who provide legal services to people, companies, other organizations, and the government, as well as those working in the courts and prosecutors’ offices. They are not qualified lawyers but they work for and alongside lawyers providing skilled legal assistance. When you become a ParaLegal you will join a new category of professionals in the legal world.
    SLTC has been consulting with a number of companies and organizations, and it is evident that there is great interest in this new program. Some of the career opportunities are highlighted below:
  • Legal Researcher
  • Legal Assistant
  • Legal Secretary
  • Court Office Coordinator
  • Secretary to the Board of Directors
  • Law Office
  • HR Executives
    Students who complete our ParaLegal courses will have a big advantage when applying for these positions. SLTC will be hosting a placement service through which hiring companies will have the opportunity to recruit students for have successfully completed this course.
  • What you will STUDY

    The Program is full-time & comprises of the following subjects
    Year 1 – the Certificate of ParaLegal Studies
  • Legal Arabic – Basic
  • Legal English – Basic
  • Introduction to Law and Practice in Oman
  • Working as a ParaLegal
  • Year 2 – the Diploma of ParaLegal Studies
  • Legal Arabic – Intermediate
  • Legal English – Intermediate
  • Legal System of Contracts
  • Commercial Law and Practice
  • Client Care Skills
  • Criminal Law and PracticeStudies
  • Legal Research Skills
  • Field Training
  • Year 3 – the Higher Diploma of ParaLegal Studies
  • Legal Arabic – Advanced
  • Legal English – Advanced
  • Land Law and Practice
  • Labour Law and Practice
  • Company Law and Practice
  • Civil Actions Law and Practice
  • Field Training
  • In most of these subjects you will not only attend lectures; you will also learn in small groups in tutorials where you will discuss what you have been taught, work on practical problems and practice skills you have learnt.

    Endorsement by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

    The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives is recognised by statute as the professional body for ParaLegals (called legal executives) in England. It has a Royal Charter and has been in existence for many years. It maintains the highest standards for those training to become legal executives in England. After a very careful and detailed process, the ParaLegal Studies Program at SLTC has been endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.