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What is Legal English?

English is the most widely used language around the world. Each domain of knowledge has developed its own style appropriate to its requirements. Legal English is the appropriate and clear usage of precise legal terms in specific situations, in a specific style to ensure that the correct message is delivered. It is the bridge between English used for common situations and English used for legal purposes.

Why Legal English?

Each country in the world has its own legal system but English language is common to all and has become the language of international business. While Arabic is the prime language governing the legal environment in Oman, English is the language of use in most commercial and international transactions. Therefore, success as a legal professional in the Middle East demands proficiency in Legal English in addition to the local language. Bilingual legal professionals are the most sought after legal professionals in the Middle East as they tend to possess a global mindset which is desired by employers and clients alike.

Who needs Legal English course?

Legal English is suitable for law students, trainee lawyers, legal secretaries, in-house lawyers, legal counsels and professionals working in legal departments or entrusted with the responsibility of reviewing or drafting legal documents.

How can SLTC help you?

As a leading provider of legal training, SLTC is proud to introduce Legal English for Professionals. Legal English will bridge the gap between general English and Legal English and to prepare trainees to sit for the Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES), the world’s leading testing institution for Legal English for lawyers, law students and legal professionals.


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