“I have been driven to learn because of my own limitations and it is in my limitation that I discovered strength” – Said Al Shahry.
I started my legal practice in the year 1992 under the banner of Said Al Shahry Law Office (SASLO) with practically no previous experience in legal practice. Ever since, it has been a great learning journey. At that time the legal practice was dominated by foreign firms and lawyers from other jurisdictions – Arabs and non-Arabs. There were very few Omani lawyers as the legal profession was not a preferred choice. This attitude had to change and it was my desire to see more Omani lawyers get more actively involved in the practice, guided by high professional and ethical standards. There was also a need for young law graduates to learn important skills after their academic education and for lawyers in practice or in employment, there was a need for continuing legal education. As there was no legal training institute addressing these needs, I felt it was a call of duty to set up one. It was from this call of duty that SASLO Legal Training Center (SLTC) was established in 2008. Since its inception, it has trained more than 6,000 professionals in various areas of law and is committed to capacity building to support the development of the legal profession in the Sultanate of Oman, according to the highest ethical and professional standards. I am convinced that a place of genuine learning will stand the test of time and SLTC will be no exception. It will be my endeavor to ensure that SLTC remains an institution that Teaches, Trains and Shares Knowledge and Skills focusing on Omani law and practice. SLTC is my contribution to the country and to the legal fraternity of Oman!​