No.TitleLanguageFrom DateTo DatePublic/Private

Short duration Training Programs


1The rights of the administration during the execution of the contractsArabic14-Mar-1716-Mar-17Public
2Issues facing the application of the labour lawEnglish22-Mar-1723-Mar-17Public
3Practical problems in the application of tender lawArabic28-Mar-1730-Mar-17Public
4Practical issues related to the application of tender lawArabic16-May-1718-May- 17Public
5Proficiency in managing legal departmentsArabic21-Aug-1723-Aug- 17Public
6Claims management, and disputes settlement in contractsArabic27-Aug-1729-Aug- 17Public
7The practical issues related to the application of tender lawArabic12-Sep-1714-Sep-17Public
8Labour law for HR & finance professionalsEnglish30-Oct-1731-Oct-17Public
9Practical issues related to application of tender lawArabic07-Nov-1709-Nov-17Public
10Claims management and dispute settlement in contractsArabic19-Nov-1721-Nov-17Public
11Labour law for HR & finance professionalsEnglish12-Dec-1713-Dec- 17Public

Long duration Courses

12Legal English - Course 1 : Batch 1English10-Sep-1708-Nov-17Public
13Legal English - Course 2 : Batch 1English12-Nov-1709-Dec- 17Public
14Legal English - Course 3 : Batch 1English13-Dec-1721-Jan-18Public

Customized programs

15Negotiation skills and collection techniquesEnglish6-May-177-May-17National Bank of Oman
16Negotiation skills and legal procedures for debt collectionEnglish22-May-1723-May- 17Al Ahli Bank
17Negotiation skills and collection techniquesEnglish2-Oct-173-Oct-17Bank Muscat
18Contract managementArabic17-Dec-1721-Dec- 17Royal Court Affairs